Solo Voice

Solo Voice With Piano Accompaniment

16 Songs (Op. 1)
20 Hungarian Folksongs (1-10 Bartók, 11-20 Kodály)
Eight Little Duets
Epitaphium Joannis Hunyadi
Five Mountain-Cheremis Folksongs
Five Songs (Op. 9)
Four Songs
Háry: voice-piano version
Himfy Song - Revelation of Love
Hungarian Folk Music I-X (1917-1932); XI (1964)
Kálló Double Dance
Seven Songs/Belated Melodies (Op. 6)
Three Songs (Op. 14)
Two Songs (Op. 5)

Solo Voice With Organ Accompaniment

Advent Song
Communion/ Admonitiones Diaconi
Hungarian Mass

Solo Voice With Orchestral Accompaniment

5 Songs of Béla Bartók (Op. 15)
Katie Kádár (Mother listen) with small orchestra
Three Songs (Op. 14)
Two Songs (Op. 5)