Sarolta Kodály Scholarship I

announced by the International Kodály Society





The International Kodály Society announces its 2024-2025 academic year Sarolta Kodály Scholarship I Competition. The announcement is for postgraduate training at the Zoltán Kodály Pedagogical Institute of Music. The purpose of the scholarship program is to encourage and to support the study of the music and ideas of Zoltán Kodály in his native country, Hungary, as they apply to musical performance, pedagogy and composition.


Applicants have to:

  • be financial members of the International Kodály Society prior to submitting the application, or, if becoming a new member at the time of the application, pay a membership fee for 2 years. (80 $ US for individual membership/60 $ US for student membership).
  • be recommended by three (3) people who are currently teaching or are closely working together with the applicant. The recommendation form is to be downloaded and filled in by the three reference persons and should be emailed to the IKS Office at the time of the application, or else the application is not valid.
  • attach a photograph to the application.
  • fill in the application form and submit it to the International Kodály Society, not later than 15 January 2024.
  • send all materials by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

General Information

  • There is no age restriction for application.
  • The Scholarship is for the 2024-2025 Academic Year beginning in mid-September 2024.
  • This Scholarship is for new and recommencing students, who do not study at the Institute currently. (IKS offers the Sarolta Kodály Scholarship II only for returning students  continuing presently studies, announced at the Institute.
  • The amount of the Scholarship is 1,000,000 HUF to be used for the tuition fee. (Two semesters).
  • The remaining tuition fee and all other expenses are to be borne by the recipient.
  • The Scholarship is not transferable.
  • The results of the competition will be announced by the end of May 2024.
  • Upon receiving notification of a scholarship award, recipients must contact the director of the Kodály program where they wish to study in the upcoming academic year.

 Selection Process

The following criteria will be taken into consideration in the selection procedure:

  • The level of musicianship.
  • The probability of the applicant’s future contribution to the musical life of his/her country of origin.
  • Previously obtained results and evaluation of study.
  • To gain thorough knowledge of these parameters, the IKS Board reserves itself the right, in addition to the three letters of recommendation, to ask for independent information about the applicant and/or to organize a personal interview.