IKFA Terms of Reference



The Independent Committee has been formed to further the principles and teaching objectives of the late Katalin Forrai.

The Committee shall:

  • Comprise 5 members
  • Reflect International diversity
  • Treat all nominations with strict confidentiality

Committee Members will:

  • Have an in-depth knowledge of Kati’s national and international contribution to the field of Early Childhood Music Education
  • Serve for 5 years

A] To facilitate the smooth running of the Award, a ‘rotation system’ has to be put in place. Therefore, and only once, 2 of the original Committee Members excluding the Chairman, will stand down after 4 years and the remaining 2 plus the Chairman will stand down after 5 years. From then on ALL terms will be for a five year period.
The two Committee members to stand down after 4 years will be chosen independently and by a random method at an occasion agreed by the Committee.
B] A new Chairman will be elected by the Committee after each 5-year period.
C] The term of office of the Committee Members, including the Chairman, can be renewed if the member involved accepts and if a majority of the Committee supports the renewal.

  • Seek to fill vacancies on the Committee through personal recommendations of suitability, having regard to these Terms of Reference. Should there be more than the required number of suitable candidates at any point, the current committee members will vote until a majority decision is reached.
  • Have knowledge of Musical Development in children under 7 years
  • Have knowledge of general Child Development in children under 7 years
  • Decide what format the Award will take
  • Decide when, where and how often the Award will be presented
  • Be responsible for publicising the Award
  • Receive nominations for the Award
  • Assess the nominations received
  • Notify the successful nominee[s]
  • Be responsible for ensuring that the successful nominee is presented with the Award
  • Due to the manner in which the Award Committee has to operate, command of English and use of internet are essential
  • Should the financial situation of the Award allow, a contribution towards expenditure incurred as part of the Award Presentation procedure, such as the purchase of the ornamental owl and the preparation of the framed certificate will be made.
  • If resources permit, a small contribution may also be given towards travel and accommodation costs incurred as part of the Award Presentation. This will depend upon the financial situation of the Award account.
  • Consideration will also be given to contributing towards travel and accommodation required in order to carry out Fund Raising initiatives.