International Honour for Pierre and Margaret Perron

IKS Honorary Member Pierre Perron is sharing an international honour with his musician wife, Margaret Tse Perron, and her nephew and cousin:

Jackson Leung - 2010 Wright State University Faculty Awards Recipient

A year ago, Margaret's cousin, Daniel Tse, Chair of the University Council, University of Macao, asked Margaret to write a melody for a poem he wrote (in Chinese) as an ode to the university.

Pierre helped Margaret with the harmony and choral arrangement and they promptly forgot about it. Two months ago, Margaret received an e-mail from the President of the university accepting the music as the official anthem of the university along with an invitation to attend the June 18 Convocation in Macao. They have learned since that Margaret's nephew, Jackson Leung, a professor of piano at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, has written an orchestration, and a choir and orchestra will play it on June 18, 2012. What an honour for Margaret! And they have invited the Perrons to attend.

Enjoy this video. Margaret's cousin, Dr. Tse Chi Wai, is the first person to speak. (SAR stands for the Special Administrative Region of China that is Macao.)

Check out Jackson Leung's video on youtube.