General Assembly 2017

IKS General Assembly 2017

Saturday, August 12th 2017

Augustana Campus of the University of Alberta, Camrose, AB, Canada

(Summary of the Minutes)

The President welcomed the Assembly.

No representative of the Auditors’ Committee could be present, thus their report was read out by the Executive Secretary: the report confirmed that the books of the Society were checked and found to be correct.

The Budget 2017 was presented and approved by the assembly

James Cuskelly gave a short overview of the past two years: Finally the Hungarian Court accepted the amended IKS Statutes, required by the changes of the Hungarian Law in July 2016 (available on the IKS website). With the help of an unexpected grant from the Hungarian Ministry of Human Capacities, a Kodály anniversary concert was organized in the Kodály Institute in March 2017. The recurring website/webshop problems made it clear that more money needs to be invested into this field. The scholarship programs have been very popular in recent years.

The Executive Secretary gave a brief update on the membership situation. The Board’s proposal to raise the student membership fee in the IKS (from 18 USD to 20 USD) from 2018 was presented and accepted.

The reports of representatives of National Organizations followed in this order:

- László Nemes (Hungarian Kodály Society)
- Jason Goopy (KMEIA)
- Michalis Patseas (Greek Kodály Society)
- Matthias Funkhauser (German Kodály Society)
- Katherine Hickey (OAKE)
- Takao Nakamura (Japanese Kodály Society)
- Kim Eyre (Kodály Society of Canada)
- Hongky Cho (Korean Kodály Society)
- Lucinda Geoghegan (British Kodály Academy)
- Maurizio Bovero (AIKEM)
- Jacques Bigot (La Voix de Kodály en France)
Representatives of the Kodály Society of Ireland, Korea and the Philippines could not be present. The reports were approved by the assembly..

The new publication of the IKS, the collection of canons, compiled by David Vinden, was available for sale at the symposium, and the possibility of printing the book locally in the country where an affiliated organization is willing to take on this project was offered (some profit from the sales would go to that local organization).

The next future project of the IKS would be two practical journals containing materials that Board members collect. These journals would be distributed electronically among IKS members. The call for proposals for the Second Songbook was announced by the IKS Foundation earlier, deadline for submissions is the end of March 2018.

Then Susanna Saw from the Young Choral Academy talked about the next symposium which will be held between 5 and 9 August, 2019 in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Mr. Cuskelly then announced that the Board of the IKS had granted Honorary Membership to Gilbert de Greeve, former President of IKS..

Joy Nelson, member of the Election Committee, officially announced the results of the Election 2017. The new members of the Board are Katherine Hickey (Secretary Treasurer) and Lucinda Geoghegan (Director); the new members of the Committee of Auditors are Susanna Saw (Auditor) and Jorgianne Talbot (Alternate Auditor). László Norbert Nemes (Vice President) and Naomi Ito (Auditor) were reelected for another term. The General Assembly ratified the results.

James Cuskelly announced that according to a recent board decision, in the future electronic voting would be used, but the option of postal ballots would still be available for those who do not wish to vote electronically. Mr Cuskelly then thanked the retiring members (Dominika Lenska, David Vinden) of the Board, and welcomed the new members (Katherine Hickey, Lucinda Geoghegan).

The next General Assembly will be held in Budapest, Hungary on 22 July 2018. The location and the timing will be announced later. The Agenda will be posted in due time on the IKS website.