Election Results 2015


Election Committee:

Mihály Ittzés Eősze (Hungary), Chairperson
Susanna Saw (Malaysia) and Anne Laskey (USA), Members

On May 27th 2015 the Election Committee came together for the counting of the votes sent in by the members.

The results are:
President: James Cuskelly, Australia
Vice President:
Sandra Mathias, USA
Director: Takao Nakamura, Japan
Director: Matthias Funkhauser, Germany

Auditor: Róisín Blunnie, Ireland
Alternate Auditor: Paula Somorjai, Hungary

The President and the Executive Secretary found everything in order and according to the Statutes and the By-laws of IKS. The results will be officially ratified at the next General Assembly in Edinburgh, on August 6th, 2015. The mandate of the newly elected officers (2015-2019) will start from that moment.


Board of Directors

 Honorary President   Sarolta Kodály, Hungary
  James Cuskelly, Australia
 Past President
  Michalis Patseas, Greece
  Sandra Mathias, USA
  László Norbert Nemes, Hungary
 Secretary-Treasurer   David Vinden, UK
  Matthias Funkhauser, Germany
  Dominika Lenska, Poland
  Takao Nakamura, Japan
 Executive Secretary   Ágnes Sztana, Hungary

Committee of Auditors

Róisín Blunnie, Ireland
Carolyn Cheng, Philippines
Naomi Ito, Japan
Alternate Auditor Betsy Moll, USA
Alternate Auditor Paula Somorjai, Hungary