Call for Nominations 2019


Election Committee:
Judit Hartyányi (Hungary), Chairperson
Kelly Forster-Griffin (USA) and Jason Boron (Australia), Members

In conformance with the statutes of the International Kodály Society, the membership is invited to send in nominations for the 2019 elections.
Only members in good standing can be nominated. The candidates should be qualified by their achievement, activities and devotion. The Board of Directors should, as much as possible, represent a geographical distribution of the membership. 

The following six positions will be vacant:

Vice President
Director (two positions)

Alternate Auditor

Please take note that the following persons are holding a mandate on the Board of Directors or the Committee of Auditors until 2021 and cannot be nominated for the present election: László Norbert Nemes, Katherine Hickey, Lucinda Geoghegan, Naomi Ito, Susanna Saw, Jorgianne Talbot. Members of the Election Committee cannot be nominated either.

Signed suggestions should be sent before January 15, 2019 to the Chair of the Election Committee, Judit Hartyányi, c/o Executive Office of the Society, H-1149 Budapest, Róna u. 120-122. Hungary, or by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .